How to Create An Office Money Collection for a Baby Gift

How to Create An Office Money Collection for a Baby Gift

Using PayPal to Create an Office Money Collection for a Baby Gift

If a colleague is soon to take some maternity leave, check out this guide on creating an office money collection.

The world is changing! More than ever before, offices are working remotely. We find a lot of freedom and flexibility with this remote environment, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be there for each other when special occasions arise — birthdays, anniversaries — the baby’s impending arrival!

We’ve had many discussions with our corporate clients about what to do if a colleague is going on maternity leave, but their office is working remotely. They generally want to know how to make this time as special as possible. While they also ask about gift suggestions (we have a fantastic range of new mum and baby hampers we know every mum will love!), they’re also curious about the technical side and the specifics of starting an office money collection for a maternity gift.

Below, to help everyone in this situation, we have put together a simple and easy-to-follow guide to make the process as straightforward as possible, so you can focus on what matters — and the fun part — picking out the right gift!

Step 1 — To Create an Office Money Collection, Use PayPal Pools!

The easiest way to collect your funds from multiple sources would be to use the Paypal Pools tool. The tool makes the job a breeze, and what’s more, your colleagues don't even need a PayPal account, as they can chip in with any credit or debit card.

Simply log in to your Paypal account and click the “Create a Pool” button. In the “Set your goal” section, create a name for your pool and set a goal amount. You can create a date that the pool closes, so you have the gift all sorted and organised in time for mum’s maternity leave!

Paypal Pools set up baby gifts

Step 2 — Set a Collection Amount for Your Office Pool

The next PayPal page delves into how much you want to request from each colleague. A good rule of thumb is that most colleagues will donate between £10 and £20 for a group gift. While some might be comfortable paying the minimum, others might offer more.

Paypal colleague gift collection

Step 3 — Write a Description

Next, you’ll need to add a description to your PayPal pool. Describe who the gift is for and what occasion you’re celebrating. Then, add a clickable link to the baby hamper you were looking to purchase in the description link. This way, everyone can see what the fund is going towards.

Some great choices for group funded baby hampers are -

Online colleague baby gift collection

Step 4 — Share and Collect That Money!

Once the pool description has been added, click “Publish” and “Share”. PayPal then gives you a clickable link to add to an email to share with your office colleagues to collect funds. You will get an email each time someone contributes and also when you have reached your target.

Colleague baby gift fund collection

Step 5 — Time to Go Shopping!

Once you have all the funds in place, you can go shopping for your beautiful new baby gift at The Baby Hamper Company! If you know the gender of the baby, we have adorable baby hampers for newborn boys and hampers for baby girls. We even have hampers for twins! If, on the other hand, the mum is going old-fashioned and keeping it all as an exciting surprise, we have unisex baby hampers that would be perfect.

During the checkout, select PayPal as the payment type, and then you can select your collection funds from the payment choice within PayPal — it’s as simple as that!

Here at The Baby Hamper Company, we pride ourselves on the quality of our award-winning baby gifts. For Corporate and Company baby gifts we go that one step further and offer a 10% discount on our range of unique baby hampers and gifts. Have a browse today!

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