Spring in the UK brings both warmer weather and precipitation. While you’ll want to keep your baby warm through this traditional period, you also don’t want your baby to get too hot through the night.
Before you head out to buy new baby clothes, read this guide to find out exactly how to dress your baby for the spring and the Great British weather, during both the day and night.

Dressing for a baby for daytime

Babies born in the spring present more of a challenge than summer and winter babies. Not only do you have to worry about them getting too cold, but too warm as well. To keep your newborn a comfortable temperature throughout the day, use the following tips:


Stick to thin layers for baby clothes as build up as required.

Opt for cotton

To keep your baby from getting too warm in the springtime, shed those thick knit jumpers and woollen socks for lighter materials, such as cotton. Cotton is a breathable material that is also easy to wash, making those inevitable messes a little less work to clean up.
Our newborn cotton outfit is perfect for day or night in the spring. Made of 100% cotton and featuring a grey bunny print, this white cotton suit fits spring babies under three months.

Newborn white cotton outfit set

Choose windbreaker jackets

Spring weather can be unpredictable - especially in the UK. To keep your little one warm in both rain and wind, pack a waterproof jacket that repels both wind and rain. That will protect your newborn baby from the cold elements without adding too much unnecessary heat.


The key to dressing your newborn in the spring is layering. New baby clothes should be purchased with layering in mind. Instead of dressing your baby in a jumper, choose a tee or vest and layer it with a cute cardigan that can easily be shed when the sun comes out later in the day.
This snap-front white cotton cardigan from the Baby Hamper Company comes with a personalised monograph and can be worn by baby girls and boys alike.

Cotton New Baby Cardigan

Add accessories

In addition to layering clothing, adding and removing cool weather accessories is another great way to easily adjust for variable spring temperatures.
Knit hats will keep your little one’s head warm on those frosty mornings, while leg warmers keep chilly calves and little toes nice and cosy. They can also be kept in travel bags so you’re always prepared for a sudden change in weather.

Dressing a baby for nighttime

During the nighttime, keeping your baby from getting too warm is incredibly important not just for their comfort, but their wellbeing.

Skip the blanket

Blankets should not be used with babies under 6 months, as they can place them at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Babies are most at risk of experiencing SIDS when they’re under 6 months old. Although the condition is rare, one of the risks for developing SIDS is overheating.
Blankets and other loose objects should never be used in a crib, as they can cause suffocation, strangulation, and overheating. Instead, dress your baby appropriately for spring nighttime temperatures in baby sleeping bags to ensure they are both warm and safe. Important: Check what type of sleeping bag you should use with the aden + anais tog rating chart and a room thermometer.

Spring time baby sleeping bags

Dress them in a sleep gown

A sleep gown is a great choice for newborn spring babies. Like all our other products, our sleep gown is made from 100% cotton and features an elasticised bottom to make changing your baby in the middle of the night a piece of cake. The long sleeves will keep your baby warm enough, while the cotton is breathable enough to prevent overheating. The perfect easy change item of clothing for under a sleeping bag.

White Baby sleepgown

Keep the temperature cool

Regardless of the season, try to keep the temperature in your baby’s room nice and cool. Ideally, the room should be between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius at night. If you find the temperature drops below this in the springtime, dress your baby in a vest and add socks.
For warmer nights and in anticipation of summer, installing a fan will improve air circulation and keep temperatures down.
If you’re worried about the temperature of your baby’s room at night, move their crib or bassinet into your room for the first six months. If you wake up feeling cold or hot and sweaty, you’ll know they’re likely feeling the same way and can make adjustments.

Quality baby clothing from The Baby Hamper Company

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