New Products at The Baby Hamper Company for October 2022

New Products October 2022 at The Baby Hamper Company

Here at The Baby Hamper Company, we have now got some new products specifically for October 2022. We have got a stunning new range of pieces for you to look at, providing you with some much needed cuteness for new babies! So down below, we’re going to be looking at all of these new products that we have got in, so that you can decide which of the cute pieces you want for yourself! Keep reading if you would like to find out more.

Bear Cub Baby Gift Hamper

Bear Cub Baby hamper for boys and girls

Bear Cub Baby Hamper

First up we have got the bear cub baby gift hamper that contains a bear cub bodysuit and a luxury teddy bear. All babies want something soft and warm that they can cuddle, especially those born in the colder months, or those used to warmer temperatures who are now going to be facing the cold. This high quality sleep suit will keep them warm and cosy through the days and nights, while the bear becomes their constant companion.

Personalised Pumpkin Bodysuit

Halloween Costume for baby 2022 pumpkin

Hey Pumpkin Baby Bodysuit

Next up on the list we’ve got the most adorable personalised pumpkin bodysuit! This black bodysuit has a pumpkin in the middle with the baby’s name written inside the pumpkin. Underneath in white lettering are the words ‘hey pumpkin’ adding an extra layer of cuteness to the entire outfit. It’s perfect for Halloween itself, or even just the whole month of October which has been dubbed ‘scary season’.

Personalised Boo Sleepsuit

Personalised baby Boo sleepsuit

Personalised 'Boo' Baby Sleepsuit

If you want something a little warmer for your little one that can be seen and not hidden under clothes when it’s cold outside, then the personalised boo sleepsuit might be the best choice for you. This black sleepsuit can be personalised to say ‘(insert name here) says boo’ in a white speech bubble. Completely adorable and a fantastic addition to any baby’s wardrobe throughout October, it’s certainly worth the purchase! This will be a fantastic keepsake down the line for baby’s first Halloween also!

Ghost Sleep Gown

Halloween Ghost Baby Sleepgown

Halloween Ghost Baby Sleepgown

Are you a fan of ghosts when the spooky season rolls around? If so, then this ghost sleep gown could be the perfect option for you. Some babies like to have their legs out so that they can wriggle around and kick, and this sleep gown is the perfect choice for those babies. Made of high-quality material, this basic piece of clothing is white with a ghost face printed onto the front. It’s not overtly October-y or Halloween-y, which means that you can even let your child wear this for the next couple of months if they like it.

Bunny Baby Socks

Bunny new baby socks

Bonnie the Bunny New Baby Socks Set

Socks are important in the colder months, as the feet need to be kept warm as much as possible. It’s likely that if the feet are cold, the rest of you is going to feel the chill as well, especially with babies. When you have a baby, they tell you that you need to dress your child one layer warmer than you would for yourself seeing as they do not regulate their temperature properly when they are newborns. As such, our fantastic bunny baby socks are a cute item to add to your collection, giving your baby’s feet that extra little bit of cuteness!

Panda Baby Socks

Panda new baby socks

Miko the Panda, New Baby Socks

In the same breath that we just mentioned baby bunny socks, baby panda socks are here as well! Made from organic cotton, these little socks are black and white striped with a little panda face and ears. They are certainly going to look adorable on your little one, and they aren’t spooky themed so that you can use them long after the spooky season has ended as the cold doesn’t end there!

Bear Cub Sleepsuit

Bear Cub new baby sleepsuit

Bear Cub, New Baby Sleepsuit

The final new product that we’re going to be looking at today is the bear cub sleepsuit. We mentioned this when we talked through our first item: the baby bear cub hamper because it’s included in it! This adorable, white long sleeve sleepsuit has a little bear face printed on the front with the words ‘bear cub’ written underneath. For those of you who are looking for something super cute to dress your child in this winter, or for those of you who love little bears, this is a fantastic option to choose.

Hopefully now, you have some idea of what you might want to purchase for your friend who has just had a baby, or even for your own baby. These are all of our new products for October 2022, and they will make the perfect addition to any new baby.