Spotlight on our Baby Skincare Products

Spotlight on our Baby Skincare Products

 Welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world is a beautiful experience worth cherishing. Celebrating this sentimental time of your life by sourcing nourishing products you can use for the health and well-being of your baby can be a wonderful experience.
Alternatively, if a close friend or relative is welcoming their baby into the family, baby products can serve as a fantastic gift that will be appreciated, especially if carefully curated in a gift hamper by The Baby Hamper Company.

An essential part of caring for newborn baby involves looking after their hygiene and skin as they get used to their little routines within family life. Finding rejuvenating and baby-safe products for that can be difficult, which is why we intend to recommend five of the best, below:

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Organic Monkey Ultimate Baby Skincare Set

organic monkey baby skincare set

The Organic Monkey Ultimate Baby Skincare Set is a true gem. 
Carefully held in a beautiful keepsake Hessian gift bag, this set includes nappy balms and baby oils. What makes it special? It contains only organic ingredients, making it suitable for sensitive baby skin - this can be perfect if you hope to gift it safely. 

Ideal for adding to a set-price baby gift box or creating a personalised hamper, it's perfect for new parents who appreciate luxury and organic skincare.

Organic Monkey Bumfluff Nappy Balm (50ml)

organic monkey nappy balm

This unscented nappy balm is 90% organic and designed for extra-sensitive baby skin. It can increase the comfort and hygiene of a baby during nappy changes, while also offering a calm aromatherapy scent for that gentle care. 
Made with a blend of organic oils and fair-trade Shea Butter, it protects, nourishes, and soothes delicate bottoms. This would make a perfect gift for new parents learning to take care of their baby.

Organic Monkey Hello Mellow Baby Massage Oil (125ml)

organic baby skin oil

The Organic Monkey massage oil offers a delicate blend of nourishing organic oils, and this massage oil contains organic sweet orange, lavender, and Roman chamomile essential oils. It makes
 this product ideal for baby massages to promote relaxation and bonding. It's also suitable for sensitive skin, including babies with eczema, providing relief when it’s most needed. Such massage oil can be a wonderful addition to any baby-care bag and serves as a beautiful gift your friend or relative may not have already sourced when preparing their homes.

Bloom & Blossom 'You've Got This Mama' Pregnancy Gift Set

bloom & blossom new mum skincare set

All mothers (and fathers) deserve gentle encouragement when welcoming a new lovely child into the world. No matter how experienced they are in raising children, each cherished addition to the family is a new person worthy of celebration a focused approach. As such, a warm message can work wonders. 
A perfect trio of performance body care products, then, are the Bloom & Blossom 'You've Got This Mama' Pregnancy Gift Set, which includes Spritzy Toes (refreshing leg and foot spray), Wonder Worker (intensive moisturising balm), and You Glow Girl (high-performance body oil).
This combination provides toning, hydrating, soothing, and nourishing options perfect for a variety of uses. It's a thoughtful gift for pregnant mothers or new parents, with as side of love.

Bloom & Blossom 'Wonder Worker' Multi-Tasking Balm (25ml)

bloom and blossom balm

This intensive moisturising balm is perfect for extremely dry skin. It contains shea butter, vitamin E, and lavender essential oil. This helps soften lips, soothe wind-chapped skin, and nourish cuticles, making it a versatile option and perfect for on-the-go use.
These essential oils can be restorative and nurturing, but remember that extremely dry skin should also be attended to by a pediatric health professional able to make more direct recommendations. This product can serve as a fantastic supplement to that, but never a substitute.

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Our products prioritise natural ingredients and are designed to pamper both babies and mums. 
Through our wonderful selection, we aim to provide parents new and returning alike the ultimate in baby-care comfort. No matter if you hope to provide calming gifts for a friend, a customised baby hamper for a special event, or even corporate gifts to help perfect your event, we have you covered.
We’re also proud to serve families worldwide and have developed a fantastic audience of cherished clients. Why not give our products a try?

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