Thoughtful & Unique Ideas for a Newborn Baby Keepsake

Thoughtful & Unique Ideas for a Newborn Baby Keepsake

Looking for a really thoughtful new baby gift? Take a look at our hand picked selection of ideas below.

There is nothing better than welcoming a new baby into the world and you want to ensure that you do it right. So often, Mums are inundated with the same baby clothes, balloons and bibs that they don’t really need or appreciate as much as they could. This is why it is worth doing your research and finding some gifts that they and the new baby will love and cherish not just for the time being, but also for years to come. In order to combat this, we have put together some thoughtful and unique ideas for a newborn baby keepsake.
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A personalised flag

Personalised baby name wall flag for nursery decor

One of the loveliest things about having a new baby is decorating their room and making it a beautiful space for them to be in. You want it to be a personal, relaxing and well-decorated space to chill during the nights when they wake up for a feed, or in the day for them to play in. This personalised, hanging pennant flag is the ideal keepsake to adorn the wall and you can get their name and a little message on it too. This flag features the words "Dream Big" and is in neutral colours that will suit the bedrooms or nursery rooms for both boys and girls.

A keepsake teddy bear

Personalised teddy bear with baby's name

Every child loves a teddy bear, so why not go one step further and get them a keepsake, personalised teddy bear as a traditional gift? Most people out there have a teddy bear that they have cherished since they were young and this could be the one that they love and take with them well into adulthood. This toy is made from soft faux fur and softly filled so is the ideal teddy for cuddling up to and being a loved companion. The teddy also features a red ribbon and leather luggage tag that is personalised with the child's name to make it an extra special gift they will treasure.

A personalised decoration

Personalised baby name star

Decorations can often be dull when they are neutral or aimed at babies, but this beautiful hanging ceramic star is far from it. A beautiful design that is personalised with the new baby's name, it makes a sweet addition to any bedroom or nursery. The star comes in a trendy shape and is attached with an organza hanging ribbon that makes it ideal to put in any spot. The writing can either be in black or grey, meaning that it is the perfect design to match any style of decoration and is highly versatile.

A personalised football stand

Personalised baby name vintage football

If the family of the new baby in your life are football fans, then it is likely that their new addition will be too. So why not tap into this with a personalised football stand? It is designed to be a unique and classic vintage football that is sat upon a wooden stand. It is designed to make an impact and will be great for adding a splash of colour to any space, particularly in a neutral coloured bedroom or nursery. The football is crafted from vintage style brown real leather, while the base is made from wood that is polished to be smooth and is engraved with your choice of initials or first name. This is a decoration that the child is sure to love for years to come and they will grow up with.

A bag to keep their treasures in

Personalised baby name child's treasure bag
If you are looking for a personalised and memorable gift for the new baby in your life that will also be practical, look no further than this personalised treasure bag. You can use it to put in little keepsakes for the child (or the parent can) that they don't want to lose. Otherwise, you can use it as a decoration for the room, then the child can put special treasures of their own in it once they are old enough to do so. It is a lovely gift that is sure to last for years and be a perfect addition for a newborn. The design of the bag is a drawstring fabric bag with a metallic gold font that can be personalised with the child's name or initials.
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A money box

Personalised baby name keepsake money box

This cat money box can be personalised with the child's name and makes for an ideal multi-purpose decoration in the child’s room. It is perfect for putting in any spare change or the child’s pocket money once they get a little bit older. It is the perfect keepsake for any newborn baby.
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