Unique christening gifts

Unique Ideas for Christening Gifts for Boys and Girls

A Christening gift is one of great importance. We often keep them forever and therefore traditional gifts make a lasting impression and will be forever remembered. That is why it is always a lovely idea to make them personalised to the child being baptised. You are undoubtedly looking for the ideal gift that meets the following conditions:

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  • A gift that has a meaning like the event itself, which is a symbol, a tradition and a family event.
  • A gift of lasting baptism. You want to give the baby something useful, which he/she will be able to use for a long time and which he/she can also enjoy when they are older.
  • A customisable and personalized gift. This baby is unique, their story is unlike any other, so they need gifts just for them!
  • A gift that strengthens the bond between you and the baby. Finding THE rare gift that strengthens and seals this bond, isn't that basically what you would like above all as a godfather, godmother or grandparents?

When it comes to christening gifts, there are no rules strictly speaking but rather traditions. Thus, it is customary that the godfather and godmother offer something sacred. It does not necessarily have to be a religious momentum, after all, maybe they want a gift without religious connotations, even if the ceremony takes place in church. As for presents from guests, it is customary for traditional baptismal gifts and valuable ones to be given by family members or very close friends. The other guests are free to offer whatever they want. So what ideas can we think of that are just right for the baby?

Personalised Keepsake

This teddy bear would be a lovely gift for a christening. Not only does it not hold any religious connotations, but it is fun and traditional. This bear looks comes complete with a red ribbon tied around his neck and is personalised so that the child can always have this as a keepsake in remembrance of their christening. Personalised items are such a great way to show your love. Made from the softest faux fur, it will be cuddly and a lovely bear for babies to keep with them when they sleep to look over them, like an angel. The size of the bear is approximately 19cm and are created by the luxury French toymaker Moulin Roty. A luxury item that is incredibly well made and will stand the test of time. Quality is vital when you purchase a keepsake because you want to ensure that it is going to last; even if it is thrown around! This is an ideal gift that will certainly go down well with everyone.

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Personalised Teddy Bear Keepsake

Teddy Bear Gift for Christening

Personalised Christening Teddy Bear

Personalised Vintage Football and Stand

For the christening of a baby boy, or from a football-loving family, you may want to think up a gift that relates to sport in some way. This is fun and unique and shows the family how much you know them. In this instance, the football stand makes a great addition to the baby's room. A vintage football sits on a personalised stand. This is great for when they grow up a little and realise that sport has always been part of their life. If your child is a little older and they are crazy for football, this will certainly be a gift that they will treasure and remember forever.

The football itself is vintage style brown real leather and complete with a polished wood base which is sturdy and unlikely to tarnish or fade. It will last a long time and provide a really unique gift for any Christening. Its colour allows it to blend in with any decor, and add a little character and charm to any shelf. So take a look at this incredibly exciting sporting gift and with initials or name included, it’s a definite thoughtful gift to look at.

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Personalised vintage style football for baby Christenings
Personalised football gift for a boy's Christening

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Personalised Hanging Christening Ceramic Star

This is such a gorgeous token of love, admiration and joy. This classic white star complete with white ribbon can be hung anywhere as a sign of love, peace and hope. Whether that is over their bed, crib, on the wall, on their desk, hanging off their bunk beds; there is a way to place this star anywhere. Delicately made, you can have the child’s name added to the front so that they always know that there is a star somewhere with their name on it. It is a beacon of hope, showing them that they can achieve anything that they want to in life and that they are never alone. It is a beautiful ceramic star; a little religious symbol that reminds them of where it came from.

The personalised print is created in-house by The Baby Hamper Company and its size is approx 8x8cm, with organza hanging ribbon. The writing of the name is in a delicate grey colour, so it is completely monochromatic and looks gorgeous with all decor. It is important to note that they are not toys and are to be used for decorative purposes. They are well made and sturdy but shouldn’t be used as toys. This beautiful star looks divine and is a lovely gift of hope for the years to come.

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Personalised Baby Christening Ceramic Star
Personalised Christening star for boys or girls

Personalised Baby Money Box

As a token of their future success, you can surely give the child a great start in life by offering them a beautiful personalised baby money box cat! If you are a pet-loving family, then this will be great for you! This gorgeous little resin cat holds plenty of coins so that the child can learn the value of money, save up pocket money and learn to budget from a young age! Not only that but it is the cutest little token gift that is fun and unique. This little grey cat comes with a top hat, blue bow tie and sits on a bright yellow perch. On the back, the name and birthday can be engraved so that they will never forget that it is theirs. There is also a mouse version available!

The size of this item is approx 9.5 x 15cm and sits lovely on any shelf or bedside table or desk space. It is a practical gift that offers style and aesthetic value too.

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Personalised cat money box for Christening
Christening car money box personalised for a baby
Personalised mouse money box for a Christening
Money box for boy or girl for a Baptism Gift

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