As a parent, it is only natural to get your child a keepsake when they first arrive. You want to celebrate this special and unique time in their life – and yours.

In this buying guide, we run through the best baby keepsake ideas that you and your child can enjoy both now and in years to come.

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Personalised Keepsake Traditional Teddy Bear

Personalised Keepsake Traditional Teddy Bear

Looking for keepsake gifts for a baby girl or boy? Look no further than the Personalised Keepsake Traditional Teddy Bear. This delightful chap is a soft, huggable and lovable brown bear, made of faux fur and features cute bare patches on his chest and feet. Designers at luxury French toy maker Moulin Roty have paid incredible attention to detail, giving the bear attractive ears, cute arms and a big brown nose.

The bear comes with a personalised leather tag attached with a big, bright red ribbon and bow tied around his neck. The cuddly toy is ideal for new babies, baby showers and as a Christmas gift.

Baby Milestone Keepsake Blanket

Baby Milestone Keepsake Blanket

If you’re looking for something a little more practical, then you might want to consider the Baby Milestone Keepsake Blanket. It comes printed with a type of calendar that allows you to track your child’s age in days, weeks, months and years. For instance, for newborns, you can measure the age in days or weeks by using supplied wooden age markers to indicate the relevant time period. You can then switch to months or even years, making this blanket a long-standing feature of your child’s life.

The blanket itself is made of a soft, cuddly material that is comfortable for your baby to lie on. You can use it to create a photo montage, showing how your baby developed over the first few months and years of their life.

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Personalised Hanging Ceramic Heart

Personalised Hanging Ceramic Heart for Baby

Those looking for keepsake gifts for a baby boy or girl might also want to consider the Baby Hamper Company’s Personalised Hanging Ceramic Heart. It allows you to write both your child’s first and second name, and comes in two text colours: grey and black. At the tip of the heart is an attractive star logo.

The ceramic hanging heart looks great as a decoration in your child’s bedroom or playroom. Keep it for many years to remind you of this special time in your life.

Baby's First Year Memory Jar

Baby's First Years Memory Jar

If you want to hold on to every memory from your newborn’s first few months in the world, then consider the Baby’s First Year Memory Jar. The jar comes with wooden rounds for writing memories and then stores them away. For example, you might collect memories from your child’s first year or write down the dates of various milestones (such as when you first brought them home, or when they started crawling for the first time).
You might also want to consider this item as a baby shower gift. Just like all unique baby keepsake gifts, it is original and mummies-to-be can use it to chronicle this special time in their lives.

Personalised Baby Bedroom Pennant Flag

Personalised baby bedroom pendant flag decoration

The Personalised Baby Bedroom Pennant Flag is a beautiful gift for a newborn baby’s bedroom. Made exclusively by The Baby Hamper Company, this attractive decoration heralds their arrival.
The flag features the inspirational words “Dream Big” printed on canvas material with a space underneath for their personalised name. For example, the flag might say “Dream Big Christina” or “Dream Big Zach.”
At the top of the pennant flag is a wooden bar connected to a piece of string that you can easily attach to a wall hook or mounting bracket. Again, this gift is either a keepsake for keeping in your own home or a delightful gift for a friend’s baby shower.

Personalised Children’s Treasure Bag

Personalised Childrens Treasure Bag

Lastly, if you’re looking for something that offers tremendous versatility, you might want to consider the Personalised Children’s Treasure Bag from The Baby Hamper Company. The attractive drawstring bag features personalised gold writing on the front, with the text saying your baby’s name and then “Treasure Bag.” For example, “Arthur’s Treasure Bag.”
You can put whatever items you like inside the bag. For instance, bouncy balls, figurines, stencils, marbles, or matchbox vehicles. You might also use it on special occasions to store gifts, such as Christmas and birthdays.

Wrapping Up

As we have seen, when it comes to baby keepsake gifts, you have many options. Personalised gifts are special now, but they will also have lasting appeal, serving your child as they grow up in the future. Which will you choose?

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