What Are The Least Popular Baby Names In The UK For 2022

What Are The Least Popular Baby Names In The UK For 2022?

When it comes to baby names, there will always be the same ones that stay in fashion or the resurgence of once-forgotten characters that suddenly become more popular thanks to music, movies or TV shows.

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And while many parents want to name their baby something personal and unique, some names will gradually become less popular due to changing trends and birth rates.

This is no different in 2022. Whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl name, some baby names UK are at risk of becoming extinct, and some have already been relegated to generations long ago.

For example, the ever-popular Olivia, Amelia, Isla, Mai, George Mohammad, Oliver and Noah are holding steady at the top of the UK charts for baby names. While Harper, Grayson, Nova, Gianna and Mateo are proving popular for 200 mainly due to use by celebrities for their babies (Harper Seven - daughter of David and Victoria Beckham, for example) or due to the popularity of current celebrities.

Predictions of incoming popular baby names in the UK include; Benedict, Daphne and Franchesca.

But what about those baby names that have fallen out of favour for 2022? Are there really names that are so bad that modern parents refuse to name their children? And we're not talking about different spellings of the same name; whether you spell it Emily, Emmaleigh, Emillie, or Emilee, the pronunciation is still the same. We mean those names people deem so out of touch they have no place in the realm of modern baby names.

While trends can indeed come and go, see the resurgence of names such as Ada, Ivy, Nora, and Freddie, once thought of as names only grandparents were called, these names have lost popularity to such an extent no one is naming their child them.

The Least Popular Baby Names In The UK for 2022

Without further ado, let's look at some of the least popular girls' names and boys' names in the UK and find out when the last time someone called their child that name.

Least Popular Girl's Baby Names

The following names have been extinct since 1994;

1. Bertha
2. Beverley
3. Carol
4. Carole
5. Doreen
6. Gail
7. Gertrude
8. Gillian
9. Glenys
10. Glynis
11. Hilary
12. Jill
13. Kay
14. Kerry
15. Lesley
16. Lindsay
17. Lyndsey
18. Lynne
19. Lynsey
20. Mandy
21. Maureen
22. Muriel
23. Phyllis

These names are in danger of becoming extinct, with fewer than 10 names registered since 1994;

24. Annette
25. Beryl
26. Brenda
27. Carolyn
28. Cheryl
29. Dawn
30. Debbie
31. Debra
32. Denise
33. Diane
34. Donna
35. Doris
36. Edna
37. Freda
38. Geraldine
39. Gladys
40. Gwendoline
41. Hilda
42. Janet
43. Janice
44. Jean
45. Jordan
46. Kirsty
47. Lindsey
48. Lorraine
49. Lynda
50. Lynn
51. Marian
52. Marion
53. Marjorie
54. Marlene
55. Maud
56. Mildred
57. Norma
58. Pamela
59. Pauline
60. Sheila
61. Shirley
62. Suzanne
63. Thelma
64. Tracey
65. Tracy
66. Toni
67. Yvonne

The Least Popular Baby Boy's Names

The following baby boy names are now extinct in the UK and have no registered names since 1994.

1. Graeme
2. Horace
3. Iain
4. Leigh
5. Melvyn
6. Nigel
7. Royston

The following names are currently some of the least popular baby boy names in the UK, with 10 registrations or less in the UK.

8. Barry
9. Cecil
10. Clarence
11. Claude
12. Clifford
13. Cyril
14. Dale
15. Donald
16. Gary
17. Garry
18. Glen
19. Glenn
20. Gordon
21. Graham
22. Howard
23. Keith
24. Leslie
25. Neville
26. Norman
27. Rodney
28. Stewart
29. Stuart
30. Trevor

Choosing Baby Names 2022

Do you agree with the least popular baby names for 2022? Can you see yourself naming your new bundle of joy, Keith or Trevor? How about a Tracey or a Karen (not recommended, thanks to the ever-popular meme in 2022). Are you looking for something unique to call your new baby in 2022 and have inspiration from this list?

While choosing a baby's name can be entirely personal, it is something which many people find easier to decide upon with the help of others for inspiration.

With so many baby names to choose from, there is little wonder that current baby name trends see some fall out of popularity before creeping back into the charts again as they experience somewhat of a revival.

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