What should I buy for a Baby Shower?

What should I buy for a Baby Shower?

When your friends and family have a baby shower, you can count on them getting many of newborn gifts. But just what makes a really great one stand out from the crowd? How can you choose them a gift that they will really love and make use of every day?

New parents will most definitely need lots and lots of newborn essentials such as baby clothing; hats, sleepsuits, socks etc. but they are likely to have already bought these items themselves. Also, there is the small problem that you may not know the babies sex yet, so what colours do you choose?

Our range of filled hampers is perfect as most of them are unisex. Choose from our 'not your standard baby gift', Really Useful, Pure White or Ultimate ranges. All are filled to bursting with carefully chosen items of the best quality.

Fancy doing a bit of freestyling and creating our own?....Well here are a few ideas of items that could be included -

1. Aden and Anais Super Stars Swaddle

Baby Muslin swaddle cloth, ideal to add to a newborn baby hamper

Never underestimate how many muslin clothes a newborn baby will go through! They make the perfect burp cloths, so every new parent will need a constant supply of them. Most have plain white ones which are great for everyday use, but what about a muslin that is just a little more special, and one that has many more uses. Queue the Aden and Anais Super Stars Swaddle. This is the ultimate all in one baby product. From burp cloths to summer blankets, from swaddle cloth to tummy time blanket, this will be one of the most used products you can buy for any new parents. These muslin blankets are a firm celebrity favourite, and the brand has even been worn by Prince George. Your new parents will love to be seen out with one of these gems bundling up their precious little ones.

2. Sock Ons

Add a pair of sock ons to a baby hamper today
It's an age-old problem, lost socks! They fall off in the street, the supermarket, everywhere. You then not only have a single sock left but a rather disgruntled little one with a cold foot. Socks Ons were invented by a mum with just that problem, and we love them! These unassuming little gadgets are a great addition to any baby shower gift, at only £3 per pair an absolute bargain.

3. Designer Baby Clothes

We stock a great selection of organic designer baby wear, of which most are unisex designs.

toby tiger sleepsuit

These are perfect to take to a baby shower as they are suitable for baby boys or girls. New parents will often stock up on lots of cheaper clothes as essentials, but it always lovely for them to have a really great quality outfit for special occasions. Choose from our range of Toby Tiger designer clothing, from matching outfits to romper suits in bright, bold stripes.

We also stock a range from the Swedish designer baby brand Maxomorra, which are anything but plain. Bright zingy prints will make sure your new babies will stand out from the crowd

baby onesie

4. Stripy Knitted Monkey Baby Rattle

What better to see when your mummy to open her baby shower gift but this cheeky little face!

baby knitted monkey

This gorgeous hand crocheted monkey rattle is perfect for boys or girls. With bright, bold contrast stripes and small enough to fit into little hands, this chap is a sure winner. Soft toys are always a great addition to any hamper, but new parents get so many it's always refreshing to get something a little bit different.

Whatever you choose to add to your baby shower gift, remember it's a time to treat new parents to be and it's always great to send them presents that will make their first weeks into parenthood just a little bit easier.

Here is our extensive range of baby shower gifts. Buy yours online today!