Baby Dressing Gowns


      The perfect go-to for after bath time, our baby dressing gowns are light and fluffy with a hooded headpiece with bear ears that gives a satisfying feeling of cosiness. Give it as a gift or keep them for your own wee ones – either way, you'll be pleased to have something so versatile in the wardrobe.

      Unique Personalised Baby Dressing Gowns

      Order yours online today with delivery to your loved ones in the UK or worldwide including Europe, USA, Canada, China and Australia.

      From our unique selection of adorable baby clothes comes our latest addition, The Baby's First Dressing Gown! These dressing gowns are made with high-quality fabric to make sure your baby is never cold after bath time. With an outside pocket to store the baby’s favourite toy and a safety belt and cute bear ears detail for added style, these will be the perfect present for big brothers and sisters who have helped care for their little siblings. There are three designs available in pink, white or grey - select your favourite colour now!

      Have your baby's or toddler's dressing gown personalised with their name, embroidered across the hood.

      Cosy up bath time with a snuggly hooded robe that will have everyone 'ahh' ing out loud at the bear ears on top!