150 Unusual Baby Girl Names for 2022

150 Unusual Baby Girl Names for 2022

Are you looking for a beautiful yet unique baby name for your little girl for 2022? While the most popular baby names have long given parents-to-be inspiration for baby names, sometimes, you want a name you haven't heard before.

Maybe you have found yourself wandering around your house shouting baby names to see how it sounds in real life, not just your head? Or perhaps the name association is too much, and some names are forever ruined due to past experiences with someone of the same name?

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How To Choose A Unique Baby Name

Everyone has heard the stories about how someone thought they were choosing a special and unique name for their new baby only to find that specific name has never been more popular. In recent years, variants of the same name with different spellings have cropped up; Keeley, Kealeigh, Keelie, Keaghlie and so on; at the end of the day, they are all pronounced the same.

There is nothing wrong with finding a unique and unusual name for your child. With so many words already being used, it can be challenging to find unusual baby girl names.

What Is In A Name?

Whether you want a traditional name or an unusual baby girl name, you can be sure there is a meaning behind pretty much every name or word used to bestow upon a child. From Having hidden meanings such as Odette, meaning wealth in German, to Nadira, meaning precious or scarce in Arabic, finding out what your chosen name means can add that little extra connection to your daughter when you decide on a name.

Some people may find they prefer to keep it in the family. You can choose to put a more modern spelling on a traditional name such as Rylie or Bayleigh.

Much like clothing, baby names have resurgences every so often. What was once considered an "old-fashioned" word is now popular for new babies being born - name check Ida, Rose, Florence, and Evelyn and Evie.

Finding Unusual Baby Girl Names

In the first instance, you need to look no further than celebrities for some new ideas on baby girl names. There is a wealth of inspiration to draw on when it comes to finding unique baby girls' names. From way back when Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple through to Kim Kardashian's daughter North and Chloe's daughter True, right through to Cameron Diaz naming her daughter Raddix.

These days, you can be as imaginative as you wish - although we wouldn't recommend going as far as Elon Musk and Grimes did when naming their son if you like it and feel the name is a good fit for your daughter, then why not.

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This post looks at 150 of the most unusual baby girl names for 2022.

Acacia, Addalyn, Aragon, Avalon, Anisa, Alaska, Anastasia.

Birdie, Blossom, Breezy, Bethesda, Bali, Britta.

Calliope, Corazon, Capri, Caledonia, Cala, Camari, Clementine, Constance

Darby, Dinah, Dune, Devora, Diamond, Delaney.

Estelle, Etta, Eartha, Emerald, Ember, Elodie.

Farren, Fern, Florence, Flower, Fleur.

Gracen, Grecia, Garner, Greer, Gaia, Geneva.

Hallelujah, Hadley, Hensley, Havan, Honesty, Honey.

Ina, Isa, Isis, Ivory, Ilka, Isabeau.

Jaelyn, Joslyn, Juniper, Juno, Jolie, Jewel.

Kaia, Kinsley, Kamiyah, Kai, Khadijah, Kyra.

Lakin, Luna, Lalana, Libra, Livvy, Luana.

Makkari, Maren, Marlowe, Mercy, Meadow, Mango.

Naya, Nimah, Naira, Nerida, Noella, Nirvana.

Oda, Oriana, Omarosa, Oceana, Opal, Odyssey.

Pandora, Priya, Precious, Primrose, Phaedra, Paloma.

Quin, Queen, Quest, Quetzaly.

Rhea, Rain, Rosalind, Rylee, Romily, Regan.

Sloan, Suri, Sahara, Silver, Solstice, Sevyn, Satine.

Temperance, True, Trinity, Tenley, Tamarind, Tarryn.

Unique, Ursula, Universe, Ulyssa, Uma.

Valencia, Valkyrie, Vanna, Vianna, Vega.

Waverley, Wynter, Wimberley, Windy, Wren, Wynnie.

Xia, Xael, Xolani, Xavia.

Yara, Yuliana, Yanet, Yulia, Yamila.

Zariah, Zamera, Zinnia, Zaylee, Zendaya.

When it comes to unusual baby girl names, there is a wide selection of characters you can choose from. Why not boast about it by purchasing some high-quality personalised items so everyone can marvel at the most beautiful baby girl names for your new bundle of joy.

(included as numbered list for preference)

  1. Acacia
  2. Addalyn
  3. Aragon
  4. Avalon
  5. Anisa
  6. Alaska
  7. Anastasia
  8. Birdie
  9. Blossom
  10. Breezy
  11. Bethesda
  12. Bali
  13. Britta
  14. Calliope
  15. Corazon
  16. Capri
  17. Caledonia
  18. Cala
  19. Clementine
  20. Constance
  21. Camari
  22. Darby
  23. Dinah
  24. Dune
  25. Devora
  26. Diamond
  27. Delaney
  28. Estelle
  29. Etta
  30. Eartha
  31. Emerald
  32. Ember
  33. Elodie
  34. Farren
  35. Fern
  36. Florence
  37. Flower
  38. Forest
  39. Fleur
  40. Gracen
  41. Grecia
  42. Garner
  43. Greer
  44. Gaia
  45. Geneva
  46. Hallelujah
  47. Hadley
  48. Hensley
  49. Havan
  50. Honesty
  51. Honey
  52. Ina
  53. Isa
  54. Isis
  55. Ivory
  56. Ilka
  57. Isabeau
  58. Jaelyn
  59. Joslyn
  60. Juniper
  61. Juno
  62. Jolie
  63. Jewel
  64. Kaia
  65. Kinsley
  66. Kamiyah
  67. Kai
  68. Khadijah
  69. Kyra
  70. Lakin
  71. Lalana
  72. Libra
  73. Livvy
  74. Luana
  75. Luna
  76. Makkari
  77. Maren
  78. Marlowe
  79. Mercy
  80. Meadow
  81. Mango
  82. Naya
  83. Nimah
  84. Naiara
  85. Nerida
  86. Noella
  87. Nirvana
  88. Oda
  89. Oriana
  90. Omarosa
  91. Oceana
  92. Opal
  93. Odyssey
  94. Pandora
  95. Priya
  96. Precious
  97. Primrose
  98. Phaedra
  99. Paloma
  100. Quin
  101. Queen
  102. Quest
  103. Quetzaly
  104. Rhea
  105. Rain
  106. Rosalind
  107. Rylee
  108. Romily
  109. Regan
  110. Sloan
  111. Suri
  112. Sahara
  113. Silver
  114. Solstice
  115. Sevyn
  116. Satine
  117. Temperance
  118. True
  119. Trinity
  120. Tenley
  121. Tamarind
  122. Tarryn
  123. Unique
  124. Ursula
  125. Universe
  126. Ulyssa
  127. Uma
  128. Valencia
  129. Valkyrie
  130. Vanna
  131. Vianna
  132. Vega
  133. Waverley
  134. Wynter
  135. Wimberly
  136. Windy
  137. Wren
  138. Wynnie
  139. Xia
  140. Xael
  141. Xolani
  142. Xavia
  143. Yara
  144. Yuliana
  145. Yanet
  146. Yulia
  147. Yamila
  148. Zariah
  149. Zamera
  150. Zinnai
  151. Zaylee
  152. Zendaya

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