3 Best Smoothies for Pre, During & Post Pregnancy

3 Best Smoothies for Pre, During & Post Pregnancy

Anyone who has been pregnant will know how difficult it is to stick to eating the right foods during pregnancy. Mad cravings and the inability to stomach many foods, make it hard to get all the vitamin's and mineral's that are so important at this time.

There is the old saying "eating for two" when pregnant, but that doesn't really mean women need to eat twice as much as usual. But just how to do ensure you have a nutritional diet, which includes essential vitamins and minerals for baby and mum?

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We decided to look into how we could make it easier for mums-to-be and new mums to get the goodness that is required of their diet, yet still in a tasty manner, and we came up with our '3 Best Smoothies Recipes for Pregnancy'.

This infographic details three of our favourite recipes for smoothies or juicing, to boost folic acid, vitamin C and iron levels, as well as helping to reduce the symptoms of morning sickness and providing slow release energy.

Best Smoothies and Juice for Pregnancy

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