5 Beautiful & Easy Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

5 Beautiful & Easy Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in life for a woman should she choose to go ahead and have a baby, and when the time comes to have a family, one of the ways that you can treat yourself is with a maternity photoshoot. Your body is changing, and while you may feel all of the feelings about those changes, you need to take a moment to feel beautiful - and the right maternity photoshoot poses can do that for you!

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It may not be what you feel like doing, but this photoshoot is going to be something that you can look back on and - one day - share with your child. You’ll show them how beautiful their mother looked while they were being built from scratch. With this in mind, here are five beautiful and easy maternity photoshoot ideas.

The Milk Bath

It’s a popular maternity shoot idea as it’s not just artistic, it’s symbolic. As a pregnant woman, your body is ripe with baby and part of that will be the production of milk. By choosing the milk bath as part of the maternity photoshoot, you’re embracing the unique and personal, and you’re going to do so much more than lay in milk!

Easy Maternity Photoshoot Ideas Milk Bath

A milk bath in a maternity photoshoot isn't actually bottled milk! To get that ethereal shot, you fill a tub with warm water and add powdered milk and cornstarch. A whisk can help to distribute it through the water. Once the tub is around ⅔ full, flowers can then be positioned around you in the bath. You can choose to be as creative as you like with color and flower type and you can make this particular shot personal!

The Long Train

Easy Maternity Photoshoot Ideas Long Train

You may have seen this photoshoot pose across social media, but it’s going to be a wonderful way to feel beautiful while heavily pregnant. A flowing dress with a long train is ordinary on its own, but when you pair it with an excellent photographer, you have magic! The train can be thrown into the air at the right moment and you then have a powerful image of a new mother on the precipice of change as the superhero she is! If you have this maternity shoot take place in a field, you look fae-like in the moment! Choose a white or light colored dress to really capture that radiance through the camera.

The Bump Art

Easy Maternity Photoshoot Ideas Bump Belly Art

There are so many talented artists out there that the one thing that you should want to add to your maternity photoshoot poses is their art on your belly. This can be truly unique and reflect you as the family you’re about to be. You can have your belly painted in any way that you like, though some people choose to angle the artwork depending on the sex of the baby or their potential birth flower. You could combine your maternity photoshoot with a big gender reveal, too, with black and white photos until the end, where the reveal is in the last photo with bright colors!

The Family Shoot

Easy Maternity Photoshoot Ideas Family

A maternity photoshoot centers on the mother in the photo, but that doesn't mean that you can’t bring in others! Some of the most precious photos that are taken during a maternity photoshoot involve other children in the family or your partner. You can take this shoot to open fields with the family and have little children kiss the belly. You could even have flower garlands made and draped over the bump, through the hair and around your neck. These all help you catch the “Mother Earth” vibe, as you’re closer to nature and you have your other children that you grew up with you.

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The Before & After Shoot

For something truly magical, try out a reflections photoshoot. This maternity photoshoot involves pictures taken close to the end of the pregnancy and then again when you have a newborn baby. So, one photo could be you laying in the field, white flowy dress and flowers around you, cradling your belly tenderly. The next shoot can be taken in the opposite direction, but instead of cradling a belly, you’re holding your curled-up newborn. You could make this photoshoot an extended version of a newborn shoot. You can do the same thing with children you already have: their hands on your belly in the “before”, and in the second, they are holding their new brother or sister as you look on.

Of course, there are plenty of options, but these are easy and simple - and they’ll be memorable, too.

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