6 Perfect Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Baby Girl

6 Perfect Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Baby Girl

If there is one thing that really isn't easy, it’s finding the best meaningful gifts for a 1 year old baby girl. The first year of a baby’s life is exciting and brand new for parents, and the baby in question will have just spent the first year becoming a beautiful little human ready to explore the world properly. At The Baby Hamper Company, we carry a range of unique baby gifts for a 1 year old baby girl that are a perfect way to commemorate such a special day. Your child is only going to have their first birthday once, and it’s the only first birthday they’ll ever get. At The Baby Hamper Company, we have both 1st birthday toys and special, unique 1st birthday gifts that you’ll be able to cherish forever.

Choosing the best 1st birthday gifts for a baby girl is so much easier when you choose The Baby Hamper Company. Our trendy selection of 1st birthday toys and 1st birthday gifts are available for you to choose. We pride ourselves on beautiful gifts that are perfect for a baby girls’ first birthday, and if you want to make their first birthday a very special occasion, it’s our gifts that will help you to do just that. Our selected 1st birthday products are available for you online now, which saves you trawling the stores to find a perfect gift for your little girl. There are so many different options on the market, but it’s the commemorative 1st birthday gifts that are going to set your child’s first birthday apart from all the rest.

It’s traditional for parents to choose something unique for their baby girl when she turns one. It’s an exciting milestone for parents, as it means that they have survived their first year of parenthood in one piece! Baby girls are usually given something pink and frilly, but there are so many more options out there for 1st birthday gifts for a baby girl.

What can you give?

On a 1st birthday, you have a range of choices for your baby girl. She has brightened your life for a whole year already, and it’s always a good idea to choose something special and meaningful. A personalised gift is always a wonderful idea, and you can choose gifts that are monogrammed with their date of birth, her name and more. Add your gift to a hamper of other gifts to create the perfect gift hamper for a baby girl. If you’re not gifting for your own child, there are still plenty of options for safe, meaningful gifts for a 1 year old.

The best gifts for a 1 year old baby girl will depend on you! Are you looking for meaningful gifts for a 1 year old or are you looking for something soft and cosy? There are so many options and it doesn't matter your relationship to the baby, either, you can still buy meaningful gifts for a 1 year old that will be kept as keepsakes for many years. Gifts are usually given to baby girls from family members, friends and anyone else who is close to your little girl. You can choose an individual gift or you can buy a gift hamper that speaks to you and becomes one of the most meaningful gifts for a 1 year old that you could buy.

A handful of our selection of meaningful gifts for a 1 year old are below for you to peruse. We believe that you can create the most unique baby girl gift when you put a range of our products into a hamper for your baby girl to enjoy. She could keep some of these for life, and that will create the perfect gift overall. Whether you choose blankets, clothes, toys or keepsakes, there are things that you can choose to buy to be the best 1st birthday gifts of the bunch. You can choose one of the best baby girl gift baskets from The Baby Hamper Company, or you can choose from the range of gifts below that we have for you. Take a look and see what we can offer you - you won’t be disappointed!

Personalised Pink Hooded Dressing Gown with Bear Ears

Personalised pink girls dressing gown
Personalised pink bunny ears dressing gown

Our beautiful personalised pink hooded dressing gowns with bear ears are available up to 24 months old. No matter how tall your one year old is, our pink hooded dressing gowns are cute, comfortable and beautiful to look at. They are made of super soft fleecy fabric that will be soft against your child’s skin. You can have the hood embroidered with her name and 1st birthday date, and with the cute little bears and bear ears on the hood, you’re going to love this adorable bathrobe. It’s made of 100% polyester, and it’s perfect for post-bathtime snuggles.

Skip Hop Unicorn Bandana Buddy Soft Toy

1st birthday unicorn toy

If you are looking for the perfect sensory baby toy, you want this beautifully designed 1st birthday toy from Skip Hop. The cute unicorn is designed with a bandana for teething around the neck, and it’s super easy to clip it to the pram so you won’t lose it. The unicorn is gorgeous and it has sensory play features that are perfect for your newly one year old. There are bright colours and handy textures that will intrigue your baby endlessly. At around 20 cm in height, the Skip Hop Unicorn will enchant your baby girl, offering her a pop of colour among her other toys!

Personalised Keepsake Traditional Teddy Bear

Personalised Keepsake Traditional Teddy Bear

One of the best personalised keepsake gifts you can give your one year old is a teddy bear! Something cute, cuddly, soft and luxurious, our 28cm teddy bears are the most wonderful keepsake and it comes with gift wrapping, too. This is a super cute bear that your little one will love for many years. It’s made with soft faux fur and it has a bright red ribbon and a real luggage tag, too, making it one of the best keepsakes your child can keep for years. You can personalise it with your daughter's name, too, which makes it a special gift for her to keep forever. This teddy bear was made by the luxury French toy maker, Moulin Roty and it comes beautifully packaged in a luxury Baby Hamper Company box, too. To get our free standard UK delivery, all you need to do is spend over £100 with us!

Personalised Baby Money Box - Mouse

Mouse money box

You don't have to have a woodland themed nursery to enjoy this beautiful mouse money box! It’s cute in its sharp and it’s another beautiful meaningful gift for a one year old made by Moulin Roty. This can come with their name and birth or christening date - whichever you please! It’ll be sitting on her bedroom shelf for years to come, and you can even add some personalisation in the colour. It’s a pretty decoration and any time your children get some money for events, it can go straight into their money box! This is a mouse money box made from resin and there is a plug beneath it. It’s suitable to play with from 3 years old, but you can still get it for the 1st birthday.

Panda Baby Towel and Wash Mitt Set

Panda bath time gift set

Made with 100% cotton, bath time for your one year old becomes snuggly soft with the Panda baby towel and wash mitt set. Those little faces and hands are much easier to clean when you have the wash mitt at the ready. It’s embroidered with bears and you can add your daughter’s name, too. It’s suitable for up to a year so it’s the perfect keepsake gift. You get to make those pre-bedtime cuddles much sweeter in this comfortable towel, and it's machine washable, too!

Personalised Children's Pyjamas - Woodland Print

personalised 1 year pyjamas
Personalised fox print toddler pyjamas

These gorgeous woodland fox print pyjamas can be personalised with your child’s name to make their first birthday gift a memorable one. Made with 100% cotton, they’re perfect for winter or summer born children! They’re also an excellent addition to the wardrobe in the next size up for their 2nd birthday, too! They come with a personalisation space across the chest for their name and you can get these pyjamas in age 6-12 months up to 4-5 years. The trousers have an elasticated waist for a better fit, and you can bet that they will fit for longer because of it.

It can be fairly challenging to buy a gift for a one year old, but that doesn't mean that there isn't something completely perfect out there for her. You might want to give a practical gift, or you could want to give something that becomes one of those long-standing keepsakes for the years to come. There are so many ideas out there for your baby girl and no matter what, there will always be something that suits them.