Spotlight on or Range of Little Wizard Baby Gifts

Spotlight On Our New Little Wizard Baby Gifts

Babies are truly magical additions to any family. Understandably, when getting a baby a gift, you want to choose one that stands out and expresses how special they are. At
The Baby Hamper, we understand how challenging that can be. This is why we are committed to providing our customers with an array of unique baby gifts. Our new collection of Little Wizard baby gifts is one of them! This creative and unique collection of unisex wizardry baby gifts is the perfect way to help families show the world that their little ones are truly the Chosen Ones! Below is a sneak peek at the items in this new collection.

Harry Potter Muslin Squares

aden + anais harry potter muslin cloth

What’s the perfect combination of soft and magical? You guessed right— a Harry Potter muslin cloth. These clothes are made from pure cotton, making them smooth and comfortable against the baby’s skin. Muslin cloth squares are the perfect gift as they are versatile. They can serve as a comfort blanket, for swaddling, or as a burping towel. This offers the new parents more convenience and makes your gift quite practical. Additionally, you can choose from three Harry Potter themed designs: images of Hogwarts, the Golden Snitch, and the beloved Hedwig (Harry Potter’s pet owl).

“Muggle Baby” T-shirt

Muggle Baby t shirt

In the magical world of Harry Potter, non-magical humans are referred to as “Muggles.” Of course, you would like to hide the baby’s true magical identity for now, and this t-shirt does so perfectly. Made from 100% cotton, this "Muggle Baby" t-shirt makes for a great casual wear outfit for babies. Its Gryfindor themed red-and-gold colours make it an ideal gift choice for either a girl or boy. So, if you’re looking for a gift that screams “different” for a baby shower, you should consider this t-shirt.

Little Wizard New Baby Sleepsuit

Little wizard new baby sleepsuit

A day exploring the Muggle world can be tough, which is why babies need good sleep. One of the essentials for a night of good sleep is comfortable sleepwear. You wouldn’t go wrong getting a magically cosy sleepsuit gift. Adorably designed with the iconic wizard scar and glasses, this onesie has popper fastenings at the bottom and an envelope neckline for easy changing. It is also made out of 100% cotton, ideal for regulating temperatures while the baby sleeps, ensuring comfort and a good night’s sleep. And as you know, a peacefully sleeping baby means peaceful sleep for parents.

Pebble Child Owl Rattle

Owl knitted soft toy

There is a special bond that exists between every wizard and their pet. Harry had Hedwig, and so does the magical newborn! A pebble owl rattle is the perfect gift for a newborn as it is safe and made from natural materials. This toy is a great gift because it can make for a cosy companion for years. Also, it contains a little rattle on the inside, offering hours of fun and can be used to relax. What’s more is, by purchasing this product, you would make a difference by complying with Fairtrade conditions to support communities in Pakistan.

Get them all!

Little wizard baby gift hamper

Seeing how great the items in this collection are, making a choice may be difficult. We thought of that, which is why we offer a hamper option containing all these items. A Little Wizard Baby Gift Hamper includes one muslin cloth (with your preferred design), a graphic “Muggle Born” t-shirt, a Little Wizard baby sleepsuit and a pebble child owl rattle. This complete set of wizarding baby gifts would be one that new parents would love.

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So, if you’re looking for adorable unique wizardry gifts, then look no further than the Little Wizardry Baby Gift collection at The Baby Hamper Company. This collection of baby gifts is an excellent choice for surprising new parents and other special baby occasions such as baby showers. As the products in the collection are unisex, you don’t have to worry about getting colours, designs, or styles that may not be ideal for either gender. The items in this collection are appropriate for babies between the ages of 0-3 months— so they make a great gift for newborns. Additionally, all the products are made from 100% cotton. Therefore, they are soft enough to provide cosiness, safe against the baby’s skin, absorbent, and regulate temperature to ensure the child’s comfort at all times.

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So, if you are ever faced with the challenge of getting a unique baby gift, visit The Baby Hamper Company. Besides our Little Wizard collection, we have several hamper and gift options you can choose from. There is no need to worry about standing out because we offer affordable items beyond the standard.

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