The Baby Hamper Company Supporting WellChild Charity

The Baby Hamper Company Supporting WellChild Charity

During this very difficult period of the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, The Baby Hamper Company are extremely proud to be supporting WellChild, the National Charity for Sick Children. Across our entire range of unisex baby gifts, we will be inviting our customers to donate £5 to help support this extraordinary charity during these uncertain times.

So what is WellChild and where will your donations go? WellChild is the UK National Charity that supports seriously ill children and babies. The money this charity raises goes to helping look after children with exceptional health needs to be looked after at home rather than in hospital.

There are currently over 100,000 children in the UK who are living with a serious health condition, often spending many months, if not years in hospital because there is not enough support to help them leave. WellChild aims to help every one of these children and young people to thrive at home with their family by providing practical and emotional support.

WellChild started out in 1977 as a charity called 'Kidney' which aimed to raise funds to research kidney disease in children, but many decades later they were supporting all areas of paediatrics research and so in 2003 rebranded to WellChild.

During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 outbreak, this charity and the families they support need our help more than ever. In the past 2 months, WellChild has seen a 1000% increase in families accessing their 'Family Tree' membership which is a network that connects families who have children with exceptional care needs. WellChild can support these families but they need our help.

When you are browsing through our site and taking the time to carefully choose a beautiful gift for your loved ones, please consider adding the small donation of £5 to support this worthy cause and send a little more love during these difficult times.

Christine and Chloe x