6 best gift ideas for new siblings

6 Best Gifts To Give To A New Sibling

Bringing a new baby into the world is always exciting, but it can be tough for older siblings. They will need to make the transition from being an only child, or perhaps the baby of the family, to being an older brother or sister. They will also have to learn how to share mum and dad’s attention with an extra little person. This can cause older siblings to feel confused, angry and left behind, not knowing what their place is in the family anymore.

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That’s why it’s such a good idea to get them a gift from the baby. This will, front the beginning, get them to see the baby as someone who loves them and who they should love in return; someone who is no threat to them, but who wants to give them nice things. With that in mind, here are some of the best gifts for a new sibling to give an older one:

1. Personalised White Hooded Dressing Gown

Personalised white hooded dressing gown for baby and toddler

This cosy white dressing gown is one of the cutest and most comforting older sibling gift ideas we can think of. Not only will it bring lots of warmth and comfort to the wearer, but it can also be personalised with their name which will make it seem more special to them. As if that wasn’t enough, it also features super-cute bear ears as well as a snuggly hood which make it perfect for those lazy days at home when everyone wants to snuggle up together, watch a Disney movie and listen to a bedtime story before bed.

2. Personalised Children's Pyjamas - Woodland Print

Personalised baby and toddler pyjamas

Staying on the comfy theme, these fox-print pyjamas are a fantastic older brother gift, or older sister gift too for that matter. Like the dressing gown above, these pyjamas can be personalised with your child’s name and can provide them with warmth and comfort at any time of the year thanks to their 100 percent cotton construction. They also feature an elasticated waist which means they will be extremely comfortable to wear, and pretty long-lasting too. Of course, the real selling point of these pyjamas are the cute little foxes that adorn the arms and legs of this pretty PJ set.

3. Cocoba Milk Chocolate Puppy Lolly

Puppy toddler and child chocolate lolly

What could be better for a young child to receive from their new sibling than chocolate? Chocolate that’s shaped like an adorable little puppy dog of course. You’ll be on to a winner if you choose a chocolatey older sibling gift and we think this Cocoba MIlk Chocolate Puppy Lolly is one of the best. Handcrafted from luxury Belgian chocolate, it would be great as a standalone gift or as part of an older sister gift hamper.

4. Personalised Keepsake Traditional Teddy Bear

Personalised baby and toddler teddy bear

If you want to ensure that your older brother gift is something really special that will help to build bonds and be something they can treasure forever, then you could do a whole lot worse than getting this gorgeous teddy bear which can be personalised with older brother or sister’s name, which will be printed on the leather luggage tag carefully wrapped with ribbon around his neck. Soft, sweet and super cute, this bear is one that the whole family will love.

5. Moulin Roty Super Soft Cuddle Bunny Rabbit

Bunny Rabbit toy for baby and toddler

When it comes to an older sister gift that they will adore, this adorable bunny rabbit will be hard to beat. Super soft and tactile, this bunny has the longest most gorgeous big ears, which is perfect for anxious children to stroke and draw comfort from. She’s sure to be a lifelong friend.

6. George the Dinosaur Knitted Soft Toy - Green

Dinosaur t rex baby and toddler toy

Most kids love dinosaurs. There’s something about their huge size, unique shapes and the fact that they are no longer around so they can really fire up the imagination that makes them so popular. That’s also why, when it comes to older sibling gift ideas, George the dinosaur is one of the best. A highly unique toy, George has been expertly knit by Bangladesh women (and when you buy him you will be contributing to their fair paid employment) to be as cute as possible with his woolly claws and sharp, but never scary teeth, He will have the kids mesmerised.

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If your older children are gifted any of the above by their new sibling, it is sure to be love at first sight and you will have far less trouble trying to get them on board with the new bundle of joy. That is the power of older sibling gift giving!

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