New Products at The Baby Hamper Company for Spring 2024

New Products at The Baby Hamper Company for Spring 2024

As usual, if you’re looking for amazing gifts for newborns and new parents, the Baby Hamper Company is the perfect place to find what you’re looking for. You can browse our current stock and find some wonderful presents, but right now we’re very excited to introduce you to some of our latest products.
Here are some new baby gifts that have been released for Spring 2024.

Mori Hooded Panda Baby Bath Towel

baby mori hooded panda baby towel

Bathtime is a wonderful bonding experience for parents and baby alike. It’s also a very necessary part of keeping your baby clean and healthy, so it makes sense that you’re all stocked up for it.
Now, the wonderful thing about new baby gifts is that they can be practical and adorable all at once. This Mori Hooded Panda Baby Bath Towel is no exception. A bath towel is a great tool for drying your baby, and this towel has been crafted from ultra-soft materials that a baby’s sensitive skin will appreciate.
And, of course, the design is absolutely lovely. Babies are cute enough as it is, but some soft panda ears on the hood can’t hurt.

Keel Toys Cuddle Teddy Bear

keel toys traditional teddy bear

The teddy bear is a classic children’s soft toy for a reason. It’s soft, cuddly, and will provide much-needed comfort for any babies and young children. This teddy bear balances traditional design with modern values, as it’s made with eco-friendly, 100% recycled materials.
The Keel Toys Cuddle Teddy Bear has been designed with cuddles in mind and can keep a baby happy for a long time. It’s hand washable as well, so any stains and spills can be dealt with.

Mori Hooded Bunny Baby Bath Towel

mori pink baby bunny towel

Here we have yet another adorable baby bath towel, that has once more been designed to be cute and practical. It’s made from the same ultra-soft cotton blend so that your baby can be warm and dry after bathtime.
This time, the design is an adorable bunny rabbit, complete with soft floppy ears on the hood. You’ll also find the material is incredibly soft, even more so than most regular towels, due to the Zero Twist construction. So, if a baby has particularly sensitive skin, this is a perfect towel for them.

'Born in 2024...Let The Adventures Begin' Baby Hamper

born in 2024 baby gift hamper

If you’re not sure what to buy, or you want to provide a variety of new baby gifts, this baby hamper is the perfect gift option for you.
The hamper includes a baby blanket, which is something for the baby to hold and stay warm with. It also has a sleepsuit with popper fastenings for easy access, made entirely of soft cotton. Finally, it comes complete with an adorable knotted hat.
All of these items match with the ‘Born in 2024… Let the Adventures Begin’ slogan. The blanket and sleepsuit also have an animal motif.
The sleepsuit and hat are available in 0-3 or 3-6 months, so you can even buy them for slightly older (or larger) babies.

Cocoba 16 Assorted Fine Chocolate Truffle Box

cocoba luxury chocolate box

So far, we’ve looked at plenty of new baby gifts that parents and babies will love. But sometimes parents want a little bit of luxury for themselves as well. The Cocoba 16 Assorted Fine Chocolate Truffle Box is perfect for meeting those desires.
This chocolate truffle box contains a variety of chocolate treats, featuring caramel, raspberry, dark chocolate, and nutty flavours. This is just a brief taster of the options, as there’s surely something for everyone in the box.
Simply put, this is something for the parents to enjoy when the baby is asleep and everything is finally calm again. It’s a taste of decadent chocolate luxury and it’s absolutely perfect for the grown-ups of the house.

Mori Hooded Bear Baby Bath Towel

mori hooded baby bear towel

Most parents will want a variety of bath towels, as it makes bathtime more interesting and gives them some time to catch up with the laundry. Babies require a staggering amount of clothes and towels, so it makes sense to give them some options.
Much like the panda and bunny bath towels featured earlier, the Mori Hooded Bear Baby Bath Towel is both practical and lovely for parents and babies alike. It features some soft, floppy ears, although this time in the form of a brown bear.
A bath towel should be soft, warm, and cosy, and the Mori bath towels meet those requirements perfectly. They’re great for after-bath cuddles with soft, hypoallergenic fabric to keep the baby safe and comfortable.

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