Bright baby toys

Why Are Baby Brights Better? Our Products Aid Baby Development

Here at The Baby Hamper Company we love bright things. The reason being..... bright baby toys are fantastic for baby's development.
From birth to the age of around 8 months old, babies have very limited vision, as their brains cannot translate all the huge amount information being passed to them. As the brain develops they are able to understand and react more and more to the world around them. Unlike their sight a babies hearing is fully developed at birth.

Encouraging Senses

During their first month, your baby can only see for around 6-12 inches from their face. They can recognise large shapes, bright colours and faces. Things that can be used to encourage baby's senses are -

  • Bright toys, particularly containing the colour red
  • Contrast toys e.g. toys with black and white stripes
  • Family faces - they love to look at mummy and daddy
  • Simple rattles - bold wooden ones are good - see below

baby sensory toy bright wooden arttle

bright baby sensory toy

Babies first recognise the colours red, orange, yellow and green, which is why our Aden & Aden Super Stars Swaddles are fantastic. With these bright colours and bold simple designs.

bright baby swaddle

Sensory Development

As your baby approaches infancy at the age of 3-4 months, their sight is much better developed. They can now recognise all primary colours (blue is the hardest for them to see), and tell the difference between them. By the time they are 4-5 months old, their eyes should be working together, and they begin to develop depth perception. Some things you can use to encourage vision at this age are -

  • Mirrors
  • Rattles
  • Walks Outdoors
  • Balls
  • Tummy Time toys - article coming soon on how to easily make an inexpensive tummy time mat!
  • Traditional baby toys and gifts are usually pastel colours, which babies find very difficult to distinguish between. Choosing bright colours and bold prints, help to stimulates their senses and encourage new development - our range of Plan Baby Toys are great for this!

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